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Baltimere ([personal profile] baltimere) wrote2013-02-05 03:25 pm

Andrea Carbet and the Once-Dashing Smuggler

The affair had been growing for weeks now. It was little notes they sent to one another, it was the visit to the museum, it was his charming voice and his laugh and what might have been a smile if the bandages didn’t obscure his face.

She didn’t know why she said yes. Andrea wasn’t always too sure of why she did things with him. She knew he could kill her reputation, she knew he was dangerous, she knew he was brutal, violent even—

But it wasn’t like she was any better. She was soulless and a Spirifer. She consorted with devils, with criminals, with urchins, with murderers and scum.

She knew she was in no place to judge him. So she didn’t. Instead, she threw herself into his presence, how he lived so unabashedly, so passionately. She followed in his footsteps, however dangerous they may be. If worse came to worse, she knew she could get herself out of it.

The scars that criss-crossed her body reminded her she always had before.