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Boop boop

binga diddaly ding dong
Holey moley guacamoley

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sup girl
teal_deer: (jesus christ its a house)

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you'll figure it out man, it's not really hard

things I do like better about this style: look we're having an ACTUAL CONVERSATION without nine billion goddamn reblags.

That's what the Subject heading in posts are for. If you want to be snarky like with tags.

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Also, the posts themselves have tags, and while some communities frown on having bizarre tags, in others it's a grand and stupid tradition. one RP place I used to be on had a crack comm and that's actually where my title on Tumblr came from: I used to play Starscream there, and in the crack comm someone set up my tag as "teal only dates planes" so

that's where that is from


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see you'll like it here